Box Office: Frozen 2 Is a Billion-Dollar Movie, Jumanji: The Next Level Racks Up $213 Million


Thanks to this past weekend, Frozen 2 is now a billion-dollar movie, a record sixth in the same year for its studio Disney. It took just four weekends for Frozen 2 to cross that milestone, as opposed to 15 weeks for its 2013 predecessor, Frozen. That’s partly down to the fact that Frozen 2 had a much wider opening early on. Meanwhile, the weekend’s new big movie — Jumanji: The Next Level, starring Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart among others — opened to $213 million (about Rs. 1,510 crores) worldwide, surpassing expectations at home. And lastly, the Daniel Craig, Chris Evans, and Ana de Armas-starrer murder mystery Knives Out has now climbed to $162.2 million (about Rs. 1,150 crores) worldwide.

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Frozen 2 brought in $74.9 million (about Rs. 531 crores) over the weekend to take its global total to $1.033 billion (about Rs. 7,325 crores). Of that, it has made $366.5 million (about Rs. 2,600 crores) in the US and Canada, and the remaining estimated $666 million (about Rs. 4,723 crores) from the rest of the world. As for Jumanji: The Next Level, it made $60.1 million (about Rs. 426 crores) in the US and Canada, and added $85.7 million (about Rs. 607 crores) in the rest of the world, where it had opened in some markets a week prior. That leaves Knives Out, which made $22.85 million (about Rs. 162 crores) over the weekend.

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For the Frozen sequel, the top non-American markets are China ($111.5 million), South Korea ($85.4 million), Japan ($67.3 million), the UK ($49.6 million), and Germany ($39.9 million). As for Jumanji: The Next Level, it’s the UK ($12.6 million), Russia ($8.9 million), South Korea ($5.7 million), Mexico ($4.8 million), Germany ($4.6 million), India ($4 million), Spain ($2.7 million), Japan ($2.1 million), Ukraine ($1.5 million), Hong Kong ($1.2 million), Vietnam ($1.1 million), and Belgium ($1 million). China ($27.4 million) remains the biggest Knives Out market outside the US and Canada.

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Gadgets 360 has reached out to Disney India for Frozen 2 box office collections in the country, and we will update this piece when we hear back.

Frozen 2 is yet to open in one big market in Brazil (January 2). For Jumanji: The Next Level, there’s Italy (December 25), Australia (December 26), and Brazil (January 16) yet to come. Knives Out hasn’t released in Germany (January 2), Turkey (January 10), and Japan (January 31).

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